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Storage boxes for biodynamic preparations

These are essential for proper storage of 500, 500P, Maria Thun’s Barrel Preparation (CPP) and the 6 Compost Preparations. It is possible to make your own storage box : see pages 22 – 27 and pages 66 and 67 of “A Biodynamic Manual, Second edition ” for instructions, dimensions and diagrams.

If you prefer to purchase a ready-made box, several models are available :

All of the boxes are peat-lined and come with glass storage jars.

Box for storing the Compost Preparations :

This box has 6 separate compartments for ideal storage of the 6 Compost Preparations; however it does not include glass storage jars (commercial jam jars can be used in the compartments provided).

Smaller storage boxes are available for Home Gardening :

Peat-lined wooden boxes which can hold a glass jar for storing up to 200 g of 500, 500P or Barrel Preparation. Glass jars not included (commercial jam jars can be used in the compartments provided).

The wooden storage boxes and corresponding jars are also available separately. The Preparations should not be stored directly in the wooden box. They should be put in a glass or stoneware jar, and then placed in the inner compartment of the storage box. As a general rule, the level of the peat in the box should be checked and topped up every 3 – 4 years. Use thoroughly-dried, radiation-free, blond sphagnum peat only.

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Storage boxes for biodynamic preparations Storage boxes for biodynamic preparations
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