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The six compost preparations (502 - 507)

The humification of organic matter is essential in biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic compost is made in a heap into which the six compost preparations are inserted. It is then covered with straw, old hay, earth, etc.

These preparations act on the compost and especially on the soil where it is spread. They don't add nutrients to the soil, but mobilise elements in the soil and the cosmic environment. They work through the compost like a kind of "yeast", increasing vitality and favouring soil health.

Yarrow preparation (502)
Achillea millefolium Plays a specific role in mobilising sulfur and potassium in the soil. Only the flowers (no stems) are used to make this preparation.
Camomile preparation (503)
Matricaria rectutita This plant is related to the calcium metabolism, and regulates the nitrogen process.
Nettle preparation (504)
Urtica dioïca Related to nitrogen and iron, this preparation reinforces the influences of the first two preparations (502 et 503). It gives a certain sensitivity and "intelligence" to the soil and compost, promoting the formation of humus.
Oak bark preparation (505)
Quercus robur Related to calcium, this preparation increases plant resistance to diseases due to excessive vigour.
Dandelion preparation (506)
Taraxacum dens leonis Among others, it plays an important role with regard to silicic acid and hydrogen. This preparation allows these elements to work in accordance with their intrinsic nature and acts upon the potash, limestone, and ultimately nitrogen processes.
Valerian preparation (507)
Valeriana officinalis Helps mobilise phosphorus in the soil and forms a kind of "warmth mantle" around and over the compost heap. It acts like a protective skin which is essential to all organisms. This preparation is also a powerful aid against stress.

Note : The efficiency of these preparations depends on the care taken in making them. Plant harvest, drying and storage require meticulous care and attention. On a farm, the know-how of those that make, store and look after the preparations is a key to their effectiveness.

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The six compost preparations (502 - 507) The six compost preparations (502 - 507)
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