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Horn Silica (501)

This preparation is essential in biodynamic agriculture. It is the companion spray to Horn Manure (500 or 500P) and acts in polarity with it. It is not used on the soil.  It works on the aerial parts of plants during their growth phase.

Horn Silica can be considered as a sort of "spray of light" that promotes plant vigour, and reins in excessive growth. It adds a cristalline, luminous quality to plants, and reduces their susceptibility to diseases.

Not only does Horn Silica (501) reinforce the effects of sunlight, it also gives plants a better relationship with the cosmic periphery and the cosmic environment.

This preparation is vital for the internal structure of plants and for their overall development. It promotes vertical growth, making it easier, for example, to tie up vines in viticulture. It strengthens plants, and gives them greater suppleness. It improves the quality and resistance of leaf surfaces and fruit skins.

It is also a determining factor for ensuring food quality, enhancing flavour, aroma and nutritional quality.

Use of Horn Silica (501) is particularly important in greenhouses and on crops grown under shelter as it compensates for the lack of direct sunlight. It also makes up for hot, humid environments that lead to hypertrophy and fungal diseases.

Livestock benefit by feeding on plants that have received Horn Silica. The animals themselves are healthier, and the quantity and quality of meat and milk are improved.

How to use Horn Silica (501) :

When to spray:

Start spraying Horn Silica (501) as soon as the Horn Manure preparation has become efficient in structuring the soil. As 501 is used on the aerial parts of plants, it is important to bear in mind the stage of development of the plant when spraying, as well as the prevailing weather conditions (see Chapter 3 of "A Biodynamic Manual, Second edition" by P. Masson).

Spraying 501 usually takes place in spring and autumn. It is particularly useful during and after rainy spells and periods of prolonged damp weather. Do not spray when it's raining.

Conditions for Spraying :

Spray before 8 am, as near as possible to sunrise (but not before) when the dew is still on the ground. A sunny morning, with little or no wind is ideal – not exceeding a maximum temperature of 22°C/72°F at the time of spraying. Spraying can also be done on overcast or slightly misty days to compensate for prolonged periods of lack of sunlight.

For further details, see "A Biodynamic Manual, Second edition" by P. Masson

Stirring :

Use 4 g per hectare in 30 - 35 litres of high-quality water. For areas smaller than 1,000 sq. metres, use 1 g in 5 - 10 litres of water, and spray the total volume.

Stir vigourously for exactly one hour, as for Horn Manure.

How to spray Horn Silica (501) :

Spray in a fine mist as soon as possible after stirring, at most three hours after the end of stirring.

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