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Horn manure (500)

Horn Manure, commonly known as "500", is obtained by the transformation of high-quality cow manure that has been put into cow horns and buried under the earth for the winter period.

It is important to use only preparations that have undergone a complete transformation underground during the winter months. The preparations should be moist, colloidal in nature, brown-ish black in colour, and odourless, or with a slightly earthy, humic smell. Any preparations that have started to dry out, go mouldy or rotten will not give good results.

This preparation, when it has been carefully made, properly stored and correctly applied, is essential. It works on the soil and the plant roots.

How to use Horn Manure:

When to spray: 

Spray Horn Manure "500" at least twice a year, generally in spring and autumn, before the most intense period of biological activity in the soil has started. It is especially important that the soil be sufficiently warm and damp when applying Horn Manure.

Quantity :

Use 100 g/ha of "Horn Manure" (500) stirred in a minimum of 30 - 35 litres of water. Most important is the quantity of the Horn Manure applied per hectare, even if this amount if stirred into a larger volume of water. However, using more water may not be more economical, as this requires more heating and handling.

For areas smaller than 1,000 sq. metres, use 10 to 20 g of "500" in 5 to 10 litres of water, and spray the total volume.

How to Spray:

The Horn Manure preparation "500" should be diluted in good-quality rainwater that has been properly stored. The preparation is then stirred vigorously for exactly one hour before spraying. The water should be heated before stirring, ideally to body temperature.

Spraying should be done in the evening, not before 5 pm (4 pm in winter) on a day that is not too windy or too hot. A slightly overcast, late afternoon is ideal. Avoid spraying in the rain, or if heavy rains are forecast after spraying. Don't spray if night frost is expected.

Good weather and soil conditions are more important than the indications given in the biodynamic calendar. However, avoid spraying several hours on either side of lunar and planetary nodes, as well during lunar and planetary eclipses.

Spray as soon as possible after stirring, ideally within the hour, or at most, 2 hours after stirring.

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Horn manure (500)
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