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Prepared Horn Manure (500P)

Developed and widely-used by Alex Podolinsky in Australia, Prepared Horn Manure (500P) is made from Horn Manure (500) into which the six compost preparations (normally used for making the compost pile) have been added according to a specific method.

Using Prepared Horn Manure (500P) instead of traditional Horn Manure is a way of applying the six preparations (usually used in the compost) to areas where such compost is not, or infrequently used.

Prepared Horn Manure (500P) has been proven effective on grain and cereal crops, on pastures, market gardens, orchards and vineyards. We recommend using it whenever and wherever possible. This preparation replaces in one single spraying, the triple application of M. Thun's Barrel Preparation (CPP), followed by one spraying of plain "Horn Manure".

Prepared Horn Manure (500P) should be stirred for one hour, in the same way as for traditional Horn Manure.

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Prepared Horn Manure (500P)
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