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Pierre Masson’s 2021 Lunar and Planetary Calendar - French version -

We are sorry to inform you that there will not be for this year an english neither a german version to download of the lunar and planetary calendar.
There is a french version you can order here :

Bon de Commande FRANCE Bon de Commande U.E.

In this 8th edition, you’ll find :

How to understand and use the tide charts - of special interest to winegrowers and wine-makers.

This is a large-sized calendar in A4 (21x29 cm) format to guide your Biodynamic practice.

Includes previously unpublished information in French on perigees of the Moon, Moon/Saturn oppositions, etc.

Presents the work of various researchers and practitioners (such as Spiess, Thun, Podolinsky, Proctor, ...) on how to use cosmic rhythms in agriculture and gardening.

Space for daily note-taking.

Inside cover with precise and practical information and details on the type of work to do and the best time to do it.

Clear, weekly presentation (left page) and monthly presentation (right page).

Easy-to-read moon phases, such as ascending and descending Moon (planting times), and the synodic cycle of the Moon.

Easy-to-spot time-periods requiring particular care for both agricultural work and food processing (moon and planetary nodes, Moon's perigee and apogee).

Many planetary aspects are indicated (trines, oppositions, conjunctions and squares) that may seem of secondary importance, but can prove to be useful for subtle, sensitive work.

In this calendar, you’ll also find information on the visibility of the various planets in the night sky.

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Pierre Masson’s 2021 Lunar and Planetary Calendar - French version - List of all documents
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